# Long sword in one hand glitch(Aka Kirito) getting a another sword ready to equip, hit q and equip the sword into your right hand, boom, you attack like Kirito or something..

  1. Dagger like swords, holding your daggers on your back, as you pull them out with q, you can quickly equip left and right, and get the long swords, spears, and greatswords in the that animation without the spin...
  2. Greatsword glitch, having your weapons held in two hands, one overlapping the other, able to be down by the same way as daggers...
    Candy Spear
  3. Spear Glitch, having your Greatsword held in to hands, or long sword with two hands, same as dagger glitch
  4. Long sword Glitch, having your Greatsword in your right hand at your side like a one handed sword, able to be done like daggers.

Costume Glitch

Costume Glitch: Where you wear it, and spam remove, lagging a server.

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