Okay so this is my guide for those who just started playing the game. There is a page similar to this, but in this one we will go in depth a bit more for those who have trouble with even the smaller things.

*Col is the currency in this game and EXP is what levels you up (Gained from killing monsters)

Topics - Teleporting - How to equip/use items (Including Crafting and Tailoring)- Bugs you might Encounter - Floor 2 Guide - Types of people you should be aware of


You just started, and now you want to start actually playing the game. The problem is, you don't know where the monsters are and how to get to them.

  1. To teleport you have to be standing on the spawn/teleport area. IMAGE -
  2. After you are on it, press E and select the teleport Icon. IMAGE -
  3. A list of Floors should come up. Select the floor you want to go to (Floor 2) then press teleport.
  4. (OTHER) If you want to teleport to your friend, simply get your friend's user ID from his profiles web address bar. After you get it go back to the teleport and put his Id in the box that says "ENTER USER ID". Copy and paste his ID in and then press Teleport to Friend.

How to equip/use items (Including Crafting and Tailoring)

Right when you start playing, you will be given the Iron Longsword. Go to your inventory (Its the icon with a picture of a bag) and select the item. A bunch of options will appear on your left. Select Equip to right hand/left hand and there it is equipped. In this game you can also duel wield, only one handed swords can be duel wielded.

Food items such as the apple which is dropped by Ruin kobold sentinel is the first one you should get. They replenish health when you eat them. To eat them go back into your inventory and select the apple. Click Use and you will eat it.

Everyone is given starter armor. As you progress through the game you will get different types of armor. To equip armor once again go back into your inventory. Click the armor you want to equip and press wear.

Ore and food items are also a big part of the game. Basically, you can create other items using items. Go to the Crafting/Tailoring/Cooking area ( ). If you are smithing, select the sword icon, if you are cooking, select the potion icon, and if you are tailoring, select the clothes icon. All these skill have levels, every time you craft,tailor or cook an item your crafting, tailoring, or Cooking skill will go up by 0.2 each time. You have to use the item that corresponds to your current crafting/cooking/tailoring level. Ex - If your crafting level is 1 you would use Ivory ore, If it is Level 5 you would use wind ore, and if it is 10 you would use Orkan ore.

Bugs you might Encounter

Spawn glitch - Ever got stuck with a bunch of other people stacking in spawn? It's because of the one person at the very bottom that is purposely lag switching or just takes forever to load. This results in everyone on top being unable to move or stuck floating. It will only fix after the bottom person loads into the game, turns of lag switch, or leaves the game. Sometimes resetting works but it doesn't always work.

Item Voiding - Have you ever dropped an item and it goes insane flipping all over the place then suddenly vanishes into thin air. Basically what happened is it went into the void (Like when you jump of a base plate and you fall into the void). When items go into the void you cant get them back. Some trolls like to purposely jump on dropped items to potentially void it.

Dropped items not appearing - This means the servers drop is broken. It wont fix until that specific server resets. When you try dropping an item nothing will happen and it vanishes.. Don't freak out because you just lost you precious Iron Longsword. Go to your inventory and press Pick up dropped at the very bottom and it should come back.

Stats and stuff is gone - This is a problem with the data storage. Meaning all you've done and worked for is gone? No its not. Just temporarily your stats and stuff will be gone due to problems with the data storage. After the problems are resolved all your items and stats should come back.

Can't teleport to other floors - Ever tried teleporting and it would say "teleport failed?" Try teleporting to all the floors you unlocked. Usually at least one of them will work. If none of them work, try rejoining, and if that doesn't work just wait a bit and try again later.

Stuck in noclip view and character isn't loading - That means there is something wrong with the servers and is usually by Roblox problems. This will fix overtime.

Floor 2 Guide

Now you've finally gotten to the second floor and you don't know what to do. First thing you should do is equip your weapon and kill Boars until you get to level 5. Once you get to level 5 go craft yourself some grass blades using the Ivory ore you collected from the boars. Dual wield the grass blades and you should be strong enough to kill wolves (Knights blade also works). Once you reach Level 5 you can go back to Floor 1 and buy the Fields light armor from the beginners shop. Wear it and gather and go fight the dire wolf (Spawns on a rack to the far right side of the tower).Its the miniboss of Floor 2, farm it until it drops 2 sky dusters (Recommended for Boss). You can party people by clicking on their character and pressing invite to party. Gather a few people and you can fight the boss. The boss is in the tall tower. Inside the tower is a huge maze, you can ask another player who knows the maze to help you out or just look it up online. After beating the boss you should unlock Floor 3 (That's were the potential upcoming Intermediate guide comes handy).

Types of people you should be aware of

Sharkers - Sharkers are people who target and trick lower leveled players. If someone comes up to you and tries to sell you a skyduster for 100 Million col always check the Wiki for proper price ranges. A lot of these money hungry players will try different tricks to make you give them your items or money.

Scammers - Scammers are basically 30% of the whole SAOB community. They are everywhere. A lot of scammers try to trade item for item. Basically they will tell you to give them your item first and then they will run away and leave the game. Never trust middlemen, people who are supposedly trustworthy and anonymous will take your item for "safekeeping" until the other player trades their item to you. Most of the time these middlemen are someone the scammer knows and will just take your item and run off. Another common type of scammer will try to sell you items for higher than you guys agreed on. Eg. He says he will sell you this weapon for 50m and then secretly adds in a zero hoping you wouldn't notice. And poof he takes 500m, and if you catch him he will claim it was a "mistake". When buying things in mass quantities always check the price of each item, they expect you not to notice since you are buying so fast. Always record your trades, so if you get scammed upload the video to the wiki and the scammers reputation will be destroyed.

PKers - These are the people with nothing better to do other than pick on lower levels. Majority of these people have the games best equipment so they can easily kill you. You can try to sneak past them or use weapons with high speed buffs (daggers) to get past them. (NOTE - Players level below level 5 are protected from PKers.)

Exploiters - Cheaters would be another good term. If you see someone using sword skills (A future update which can only be used by developers/testers). They are probably exploiters. Record them and post the video on the wiki to get them busted.

Ty for reading

Hope it helped - Foxity (RedFoxity)