Council is a blade that looks similar to Endarkener, It has a Silver and Yellow blade, Gold Guard, and Dark Blue Hilt. It has a custom stat titled 'Justice.' There is a 1/1000 drop chance from the Garish Gerberea, Turtagator, and Lizard, making it extremely rare. It is classified as one of the best weapons in damage so far in the game being the second best before floor 8 update being beaten by the new updated rapier, and it can be argued that the last wish is better due to its regen.

It is extremely powerful due to its immense stat of 32 damage. A cool sword with a filler stat, but that's about it. But soon updated to beat every weapon in the game to make it worth farming for. An immense 60 damage and 8 speed threw all other weapons out of competition with it.

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