The Divine Inferno is a one-handed sword. It can be obtained by crafting with Molten Ore. It can also be dropped from the Flame Reaper and the Sand Reaper. It is the highest damage-dealing one-hand sword in the game obtainable in the game, and is best paired with the Aquaburst. It deals 38 damage and 2 speed.

The Look

The Divine Inferno has a black handle, the guard being grey and shaped like a "w", coupled with a orange-yellow triangle. Most of the blade is transparent and red, while some part of it is opaque and orange; the design is that of an inferno.


  • It used to be considered very valuable and hard to get until exploiters inflated the Swordburst Online economy with it, many people equal to or far below the level requirement of the sword having one, if not more of the once rare blade.

  • Players often refer to it as a Divine for short.

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