Guilds [Swordburst Online]

There are multiple guilds found on SBO. A guild is "An organization of persons with related interests, goals, etc., especially one formed for mutual aid or protection."

Here is a list of some guilds on SBO. Please note that this list is far from complete and there are hundreds of guilds. This is not meant to advertise any guilds. This is just a page of information about various guilds.

Rules to take note*

  • Guild must at least have basic description of the following guild (obviously)

Nocturne Asylum:

A neutral guild founded by Blank_e.


Currently still active and growing!

Vengeance of the Last Age:


A neutral guild founded by DeadlyShanks, but previously owned by' MixSillyMax123456789' with currently about 60 members, and is dying. The guild has been discontinued and left to die.

Allies: Vengeance of the last age {Elite} [Shutdowned]

Enemies: Deadly Sins


The YellowHeads Sword Art Online


The YellowHeads is a Full on Player Killing guild. The guild was founded on July, 12, 2015. The YellowHeads is currently lead by claes12345 and has about 49 members and growing.

Allies: Deadly Sins and Global Brutality


[GB] Global Brutality [Sword Art Online: Burst]


Global Brutality is currently a neutral guild owned by Sourgamingpikachu and has 280+ members and currently growing. It is a dedicated PKING guild.

Allies: Pwnguins of Sword Art Online Burst, TheYellowHeads, Titan's Hand, The Sword's Forsaken Kingdom, and Deadly Sins.


Pwnguins of Sword Art Online Burst


This guild is currently lead by SkyTearz a youtuber with multiple SAO:B videos. The guild is known for its large amounts of penguins within the guild and are known for "PKing" "human" players. Pwnguins has about 105 guild members and growing.

Allies: Global Brutality, The Divine Dragon Alliance, Zero , Fatal Midnight, Fuurinkazan, Colliding Stars, The Legendary Seven, and The Legion of Vengeance.


The Divine Dragon Alliance


The Divine Dragons are a rather new guild starting out with one member and growing, it is a "Pking guild"

with a leader named elegantypes.

Allies: Pwnguins.


Fatal Midnight [Sword Art Online: Burst Guild]


Fatal Midnight is a "PKing" guild lead by S0nicp with about 86 members and currently growing.

Allies: Chronos, The Chaos Legionel, Divine Onslaught, Heaven Divine, 7 Gates of Hades, Pwnguins, Fuurinkazan, and Colliding Stars.


Chronos [Sword Art Online: Burst]


Chronos is a "PKing" guild currently owned by ByteCytrus with around 121 members and growing.

Chronos's only ally at the moment is Fatal Midnight.


The Knights of The Blood Oath [Sword Art Online: Burst]


The Knights is an "Anti-Pking" guild lead by Arknyus, and is one of the biggest guilds on SAO with an astounding 1050 members and growing.

Allies: Blood Moon

Enemies: The Laughing Coffin, and Deadly Sins


Equinox is a private guild lead by marypatrick9 , it is currently not made into an official group yet due to its low amount of members, not much is known about this guild except that they are an "Anti-Pking" guild and are allied with Anteiku.

Allies: Anteiku

Enemies: N/A

(DS) Deadly Sins (SAOB)


A neutral guild owned by CountKO with currently about 300 members and counting. Global Brutality has "combined" to make both guilds called "Deadly Brutality".

Allies: Global Brutality, Akeon, Dark Apostles, Distinctive Pain, and The Bloodsoaked.

Enemies: The Knights of The Blood Oath

Ancient High Guards

The Ancient High Guards is a neutral guild lead by Muzishi, and was created by Muzishi, Hazerki, and


Herxic, rapidly expanding with 79 members and growing. They enforce their law of "Honorable PKing", striving to help those below the level of 10, and neutralizing those dishonorably Pking other members not wishing to duel with their attackers. Their current allies include Fallen Angels and The Laughing Coffin.

Allies: Fallen Angels, The Laughing Coffin


[ KoB ] Knights Of The Blood


Knights Of The Blood is an Anti-PK guild founded and run by ProgrammerCP. Currently the group has a total of 129 members.

Allies: Winged Guardians and the unofficial Eternal Order


The Laughing Coffin


The Laughing Coffin is a guild known for PKing players. It is owned by Silicrex. Due to the intensity of their PKing activity, they are dubbed as a "red guild". The guild currently has around 940 members and counting.

Allies: Dark Legends, and Divine Demons.

Enemies: Crimson Fang

Mask of Hades


The Mask of Hades is a red guild. It has around 100 members and counting. It is owned by Bubdill. Minimum level to join: 15.

Allies: The Laughing Coffin, Divine Demons, Ancient High Guards, and Fallen Angels

Enemies: The Bloodsoaked, and Morales



Akeon is a Neutral guild run by NumberSle7en. The guild currently has 71 members.

Allies: Deadly Sins



Distinctive Pain


Distinctive Pain is a guild that combines people from GB and DS. You have to be level 30 or higher to join.

Allies: Deadly Sins

Divine Demon


Divine Demon is a red guild. It currently has 180 members and is owned by memebot. Minimum level to join: 10

Allies: The Laughing Coffin, Dark Legends

Enemies: None currently

Shadow Reapers [Sword-Burst}


Shadow Reapers is a Neutral guild. It currently has 331 members and is owned by Chue.

Allies: The Holy Reapers, [GB] Global Brutality, The Unholy Reapers, Supernatural Beings of SBO, Hells Angels, and Dark Vengence.

Enemies: Unknown

War History: Shadow Reapers Defeat Crimson Fang.

Blood Moon - Swordburst Online


Blood Moon is a new Anti-Player-Killing Guild, established on the 31/12/15 by TheUltimateGamer100. It currently has 238 members and counting.

Allies: Knights of The Blood Oath (KoB)

Enemies: Both Laughing Coffins.

Loot Crate [SBO]


Loot Crate is a merchant guild. Actions of members such as PKing is not influenced by the guild. Recruits any merchant and those who wish to become a merchant.

Loot Crate does not have any allies nor enemies because as a merchant guild, everyone and every guild is just a customer.

The Darkened Lotus Guild [Sword Art Online:Burst]

The Darkened Lotus is a neutral guild. Owned by ClawTheMaster was owned by iiCirus. 

Main focus Claw has is to bring the guild back to life 

Allies: The Wings of Palidan, and Shadow Reapers(Unoffical)

Enemies: None

~The Dark Stitch~ [SBO]



~The Dark Stitch~ is an anti Pking guild owned by Darkeyeguy12 and co- leaded by SwordHoodBoy,they currently have around 72 members. They enforce justice in saob and defend the right of players getting pked without proper reason, they accept members based on rank, combat skill and personality and do not tolerate cussing, hacking, scamming and especially pking random people but they do tolerate a guild member defending himself against another guild member.


  1. Vegeance Of The First Age
  2. Sky Blood


  1. The Unholy Reapers
  2. Dark Legends
  3. The Laughing Coffin

Crimson Exodus [Sword Art Online: Burst]

Crimson Exodus [Sword Art Online: Burst] - Owned by Killerkid77alt, currently 122 members.

☠ PK Guild ☠

Crimson exodus logo

Allies: N/A

Enemies: The Destroyer's Guild,

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