Hello viewers. I know some people are level 1, or even 2 and want to make it to level 8 just to be able to wield a Skyduster. Well, over here, I'll tell you all about leveling up.

First, if you're a level one. You won't die straight away with a steel and you'll get kills, exp and Col (from killing Boar). However, if you think everything you have is good to get to a Wolf+, then my friend, you are wrong. You'll need more. Once you have killed enough boars to get to level 2, you'll have some COL. Use the col to buy a Steel Shield (defense) or another steel sword. You can wield a steel sword in both arms, but you should use a shield. You will have more defense and your health will regenerate at a slightly faster rate. Try and get to level 3 by killing more boars and then go up against wolfs. WARNING: Once you kill a wolf, at that point, your health will be low. Wait for it to regenerate. Once you're at level 4, you should know the basics.

Now that you know the basics, you should know tactics.

When a monster runs at you, jump and attack it from behind.

Kill as many wolfs and get to level 5. At level 5, you'll have access to a wider variety of weapons. Best of all, you'll get to use better Armor. Go to floor one and buy some armor from the Shop 5-10, or also known as the novice shop. Your defense will increase significantly and you'll regenerate health at a slightly faster rate (doubled if you use a shield). Now buy two Balanced Steel swords (a pro's choice) or two other swords. If you prefer one to go with a shield then that's OK too. However, your new armor should take care of defense now. If you have no col, go to someone that will donate. Someone donated 60k to me once, so they can donate to you too. Slay many wolfs to get to level 6. REMINDER: Patience is part of the game. When you become a level 7, challenge a mini-boss, a Dire Wolf. If you defeat it, keep on slaying them till you get to level 8. At level 8, you get equip yourself with a Skyduster.


Buy two and see if you can get better armor. Kill boars, wolfs and dire wolfs to get to level 9 and then get to level 10 doing to same thing.

Once your Level 10, go to the boss and fight the Boss till you get F3. Once there, Fight until Level 11 and go into the dungeon and defeat the boss. Once you go to F4, your future will guide you.

To summerize: It's a none stop process of killing monsters, selling stuff, and making things(Until you get maxed out than you really don't have to do anything). And if you don't like doing this for a long period of time, quit SBO, or just not play the fucking game.

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