Everyone in SBO has been scammed one time or another. It sucks and it may be the worst thing that can happen to you in SBO but there are ways around it. First off, don't trade. If you don't trade, you won't get scammed. Make sure you know who you're trading with know what you're trading. (Medic for Frostbite -_-)

How not to get scammed

First don't trade with random players that need something that you have and will give you something good back for it. If you do get scammed it's your fault; you trusted a random player to trade with. If you don't want to get scammed, trade with one of your friends that can help you. Obviously if he/she is a high level like 30-46, give them something they need. They'll trade you the item you need for leveling up, or what ever reason you need to trade. If you get scammed by your friend well there is only one thing I can say for that; that is leave SBO, and join another game, or hell leave roblox for 3 weeks, unfriend that person, grow stronger, and than pk the fuck out of him/her. But here is the most important, and obivous way not to get scammed: don't fucking trade at all, unless its with a real friend with a account that won't be an asshole to you. SBO is a SCAM GAME. People will scam you a lot of times.

(If you need any more infomation on this, then comment below, and me (TheCods) will answer you question about scams.)

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