Sword Burst Item Ideas

Noobmaster67's Ideas:

Rukiryo should add armor that lets you pass the level cap!

Armor ideas that could let you go past level 36

Minotaur cloak: Def 80, Hp regen 40, speed -1, adds 90 boost level exp, Drop rate extremely low 1/10000, Drops from F5 boss. Level 36 jumps to 38

Ancient Scale plate: Def 110, Hp Regen 20, Ability sharp scales Adds 1-5 extra dmg per hit, Drop Rate 1/150000 Drops from ancient dragon

Adds 180 Boost level exp, level 36 jumps to 40

Holy plate: Randomly generated stats upon drop, First stat drops 70+, def, hp regen ,etc. Second stat drops at 20+, third drops at -3 + (speed)

Drops from any boss from floor 3 up, Ability Gods touch 5% chance of not taking damage on a critical hit from an enemy, Drop rate 1/10000000

(One out of ten million), Adds 270 Boost level exp, 36 jumps to 42

Galaxy Rapier: 45 atk, Hp regen 50, attack speed (how fast you attack) 10 Drop rate 1/10000 Legendary quest drop on last floor. (quest would give 1 weapon, 1 piece of armour, 1 ore (any Armour and Weapon would be given. and a chance for galaxy rapier.) These are just ideas that means if Rukiryo were to read this he could just get an idea or maybe use it!

SBO Wikia users ideas:

Shadow Cast; A katana blade, with a black and purple hilt. Black Blade with purple outline, long purple gem in the middle casting out black smoke, as a shadow. Stats; 235 Atk; 175 Defense; 50 Speed; 200 HpRegen; 9999 Shadow(Special). Special Attack; Shadow Cut; Able to hit anything at a distance of 200 yards. ~ Idea by TheCods714 Copyright of 2016

Destiny Divider(When/If more Floors come out): A two sided sword with one handle 2 handed, drop rate/craft rate of 1/1000. Gamepasses for this sword would be needed for more damage: Duel Wield (When you make the two handed into 2 swords of one handed but same stats.), Duplicate (A skills where the sword instead of the Duel thing, it now a 2 one handed swords for 15sec(Cool down of 1min) which 2x its stats), and Destiny Color Change (A things where you can change the color of the blades), Worth 100R$. Stats: 650 Atk., 250 Def., Speed 50, and 450 HpRegen, Destiny(Special) 9001. Level of use 75 or 100(On a later scale of development) Idea by TheCods714 Copyright of 2015

Chocolate Rain: lvl 45 42 atk, hp regen 10, speed 1, one handed blade, crafted with Candy Floss from floor 9 Candyland. It is a 1/100 chance to craft Chocolate Rain and candy floss is a 1/10 drop chance.

Scat: lvl 46, 31 atk, hp regen 1, speed 4, dagger.. - Orangesator

Fate's Decider(Sorry for the lack of weapon name for this): A Bow of course 2 handed, needs 2 Gamepass, Fate's Divider(A Skill where your arrow after 1 shot will split into multiple arrow which can damage multiple enemies with the same arrow(Cool down 2.5mins), Fate's Destiny(A Skills of where only if you have both Fate's Decider and Destiny Divider where you shot Destiny Divider as the arrow, and an added stats of the Destiny Divider(Cool down 7.5mins), Worth 150R$. Stats: 675 Atk., 0 Def., 6 Speed, 600 HpRegen, Fate(Special) 1337, 200 (Pixel)Range, 1(Shot every 2 secs)Fire Rate (On a later scale of development) Idea by TheCods714 Copyright of 2015

Holy Pike: Weapon type; Spear. Stats: 40 dmg 30 health regen 2 speed: Lvl: 25: Perfect with Necro Cloak Idea by NattyJHero

Fate's Destiny; Armor (Goes with Fate's Decider, and Destiny Divider) Stats: 0 Atk., 900 Def., 20 Speed, 1250 HpRegen, 15000 Destiny(Special), and 15000 Fate(Special) Idea by TheCods714 Copyright of 2015

Shadow of Darkness; Greatsword(Desc. A Black Greatsword like slate, with Purple instead of white, with an aura of Dark Purple Around it); Stats: 101 Atk; 101 Def; -2 Speed; 101 HpRegen; 1000 Darkness(Special); Idea By TheCods714 Copyright of 2015

Beginning of Light; Greatsword(Desc. A White Greatsword like slate, with gold instead of white, with an aura of Gold Around it); Stats: 105 atk; 105 Def; 2 Speed; 105 Hp Regen; 1250 Light(Special); Shadow of Darkness's Sister. Idea by TheCods714 Copyright of 2015

Apollo's Point; Rapier(Has a Gamepass for when equipped you can change the music in game 15$R; Stats: 85 Atk; 55 Def; 6 Speed; 180 HpRegen; 1337 Music(Special); Idea By TheCods714 Copyright of 2015

Athena's Whip; Rapier(Has a Gamepass for when equipped you have a 5% Chance to do 2x damage to a mob, 50$R(Goes with Apollo's Point) Stats: 85 Atk; 75 Defense; 8 Speed; 1337 Wisdom(Special); Idea by TheCods714 Copyright of 2015

Sorrow of Life; One-Handed Sword(Desc. A Black blade, with a Dark Purple Outline with a Purple Gem in the Handle, and in the middle of the blade, looks like Council) Stats; 100 Atk; 40 Def; 105 Hp Regen; 3 Speed; 1573 Sorrow(Special); Idea By TheCods714, Custom_For_Me Copyright of 2015

Earth's Final Form; One-Handed Sword(Desc. A Light Blue Blade, with a Green outline, with a Green gem in handle and in the middle of the blade, look like Council) Stats; 105 Atk; 60 Def; 5 Speed; 1427 Hope(Special); Idea By TheCods714. Custom_For_Me Copyright of 2015

Shadow of Light; 2-Handed Greatsword; Stats: 200 Atk; 200 Def; 200 HpRegen; 4 Speed; 3000 Light (Special); Description; Blade with a glowing black gem in the middle if the crossguard, made of pure light, obsidian hilt, blade itself is pure light but it has a dark aura around the blade, has a 5% chance to stun enemy and a 5% chance to set enemy on fire. Idea by bryannorton (NortonTehTerroriser)

Elucidator; Kirito's Primary Weapon,This sword is a demonic monster drop from a boss. Elucidator is a pitch black sword with trims of gray and is evenly balanced and quite powerful. It has a black hilt connected to a hand guard that drops down on the right side. Attached to this elongated area of the hand-guard is part of Elucidator's blade so as to better aid the user in retaining their grip on the sword when it is being used. The blade is completely black like the rest of the sword and the said blade is outlined in a light gray. In the design art by the illustrator of the novels, a small cross is emblazoned on the flat of the blade, just beneath the tip. One Handed. Attack: 71 Speed: 3

Spiral sword: Attack:70 Defense 30 HP regain: 90 speed: -2 lvl rq 50(if the next floor comes) by XDlolnot (nisindu1)

- Worship's Katana; A shadow of Black Darkness. This Katana is / can be dropped from a floor boss. It uses the power of darkness to reveal it's shadows. Stats: 35 Attack, 2 Speed, 10 HP regen, for lvl 39 and above. By Pr0Henry. Copyright of 2017

- Midnight Cloak; Kirito's valued armor, uses it every time. Lvl 49, Def 200, Speed 10, Regen 15 - Also by Pr0Henry Copyright of 2017

-Ruby longsword : 120 atk, -1 spd, 20 regen                                                                                                  Desc: A longsword with a ruby in the handle and in the middle of the blade with a red blade                                      By : AndaPlayz

- Yuri Flame Dev Sword - A sword in anime that Yuri used in Sao to defeat the skeleton boss to save Kirito and Asuna. Could be a Dev sword or a event :/ - By Pr0Henry Copyright of 2017

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