Concept of Level Hiding

Level Hiding is generally useful for anyone level 15 - 46. It's primarily used either to completely avoid attention (from newbies harassing for donations) or to bait PKers. Just be aware that some who are rather malicious, will hide their level and bait you first by poking you, which is doing minimum damage to give you the excuse to kill them, but then you're actually giving them the excuse to kill you.


Firstly, you equip low level armor. Either Starter Clothes or Militant's Armor.

  • Equipping ROBLOX Packages which don't use your clothing. The cheapest package you can buy is Mr. Robot, for R$ 75.
  • Purchasing the Scouting Legion gamepass to use the costume, which replaces the visual of both your weapon(s) and armor for R$ 200.
  • Customizing the color of your head (random neon color, unrealistic, just no skin color) and the accessories you wear to look more cringy and/or noobish. Any free hat/hair should do.
  • Keep your inventory active/open to react quicker and have the advantage.

How to find Level Hiders

Finding level hiders is easy, they are mostly on F2, searching for people who have Skydusters, or other swords and attack them. Hit some noobs and when they take damage/less damage, those are Level Hiders. You could use two Frenzys and a fast armor like Desert Shroud, and run until they give up or change Floors. But be aware that they might be +29 on the level scale which can use Travelling Salesman, and Wreck you with frenzys or Breeze.