This page has been created to allow everyone to post bounties on certain players, especially player killers (PKs). To post a bounty, please post the bounty type, their ROBLOX username, level (Or level range if unsure), the reward for completing the bounty, and your username on ROBLOX. Post bounties in the comment section. There is two types of bounties, private bounties are for those who would like to be the only person after a particular bounty. A public bounty will allow multiple players to go after the bounty at once. Private bounties will need to have confirmation sent to the owner of the contract and post a response on the original post before beginning. To complete a bounty, record video footage of the event, then post a link to the video in a response comment to the posted bounty. If players would like to keep their identity a secret, in fear of being chased down by the contracted bounty or their followers, you may contact the users in the following list on the ROBLOX website through private messaging (PM). Ask members of the list if you would like to join.

Anonymous Bounty Collectors:



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