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Notice: Anyone can add a topic that want to talk about the page using the edit, but do not add you thoughts if you are commenting please add a comment to the topic you are talking about and people can add on from there.

This is for people who want to get their negative/positive/neutral comments about the game without taking it out on random people on random pages, and for any other things people want to talk about on other games. Debating about stupids things here. Just do not post your feeling on the topics, only the comments.


[Notice: You can add topics below the last topic, where it says "No topic posted" is where you can start a new topic. Opinional you can put an opinion and, or Your user on the Topic. If there is a topic you want changed or deleted make a poll down below(You can vote aswhile has to be at least 3 or more people for the poll to change/delete a topic), for change/delete comment yes or no, and after 24 hours I will check, and deleted/change it. ]

Topic 1: What are your feelings about everything that has happened to SBO as of now.

Topic 2: What's would be your opinion on the way SBO should be or could be made to a way more people would like?

Topic 3: What's your idea on stuff they should add, or idea for maps?

Topic 4: How do you think people should level up, or new way they should make for leveling.

Topic 5: What's your favorite part of the game?

Topic 6: If you were the developer/creator: What would you do differently, and what would you add/delete?

Topic 7: How long would it take if you guys made a new SBO?

Topic 8: What's your best approach to level up?

Topic 9: What's you best approach when in PvP?

Topic 10: Name a new weapon, with a desc. and stats of this item, from your ideas for this weapon.

Topic 11: Name a new armor, with a desc. and stats of this item, from your ideas for this armor.

Topic 12: Name a new Floor, with a desc, and mobs, from your ideas for this floor.

Topic 13: (Personal) Would you ever love to be in a world like sao in a virtal world?

Topic 14: (Personal) If SAO was real, would you hide in Floor One or would you try and clear the game?

Topic 15: (Personal) If you were in a Virital world like sao, and stuck, and your bf/gf/best friend came with you. Would you do all in your power, to make sure they lived through that world, to the point of when it all ended?

Topic 16: What would you do if SBO, was deleted, or lost all its active together?

Topic 17: Are you a Pker, Antipker, or Both?

Topic 18: How do you feel about all the low level people on SBO?

Topic 19: What is you thoughts on high level people picking on everyone just cause of they're level 46?

Topic 20: What's your opinion on this wiki?

Topic 21: What level do you think you should be to take on Floor 2 Boss?

Topic 22: What level do you think you should be to take on Floor 3 Boss?

Topic 23: What level do you think you should be to take on Floor 4 Boss?

Topic 24: What level do you think you should be to take on Floor 5 Boss?

Topic 25: What level do you think you should be to take on Floor 7 Boss?

Topic 26: If you could have any weapon from SBO in real life what would it be?

Topic 27: If you could have a weapon from another game in SBO what would it be? (melee only obv)

Topic 28: If you could have an armor from another game in SBO what would it be?

Topic 29: If you could have a monster/enemy from another game what would it be?

Topic 30: If you could have a boss/miniboss from another game what would it be?

Topic 31:(Unrelated to SBO) What do you think about Black Ops 3, if you have it, or seen things about it?

Topic 32:(Unrelated to SBO) What's another game on Roblox would you play instead of SBO?

Topic 33:(Unrelated to SBO) What would you play rather than a Roblox/PC Game?

Topic 34: Do you think Rukiyro will ever work on SBO again?

Topic 35:(Unrelated to SBO) What would you do in a actually Zombie apocalypse?

Topic 36:(Unrelated to SBO) What's better online or offline on Black Ops 3.

Topic 37: What you do if your COL be - or Negative and you cant buy anything?

Topic 38:(Unrelated to SBO) What you do if you gave up on yourself, and never wanted to care anymore.

Topic 39: What do you think the next SBO update will have?(Be realistic)

Topic 40: What's your thoughts on Atlantia(Here's a link jut in case) as of now?

Topic 41: What's your thoughts on Guilds as of now?

Topic 42: What do you think about the exploits currently active in the game?

Topic 43: What are your thought on the dupers that are currently active in the game?

Topic 44: Name a time when you needed an item in the game really bad, and you asked someone and they basically gave it too you for free.

Topic 45:(Follow up to 44) Do you think that person may have been a duper?

Topic 46:(Another Page on this wikia) What do you thing about Mobs True Stories?

Topic 47: Do you think Floor 9 will ever come out?

Topic 48: Do you think this so called "Working on this Event for Christmas" from the developers for SBO, was Bullshit?

Topic 49:(Personal) How would you handle if your were helping someone with their depression?

Topic 50: Do you think Ruk, is even helping to fix all the problems with SBO?

Topic 51: As of what we know now, do you believe SBO is dead?

Topic 52: Doesn't anyone know why this wikia is still active, even though the SBO game is slowly dieing.

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