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maifegaruto, the great saob economist

Hi, my name is maifegaruto, I play saob, now sbo. You may have seen me around or remember me as one of the old players.

I apologize for the length, but you won’t regret it, because it has lots of useful information. I worked hard to make this, please read!

Sbo is a great game, even though we have dupers and ridiculously low drop rates. We all know about the stark contrast between the riches of floors 1-4 and floors 5-8. The people in the upper floors, around 6 out of then of them in a given server would have over a billion col, that they hardly use. The people in the lower floors, most hardly hit 100 million, and we all know that in floors 1-2, they hardly reach 100 thousand, they have to go with the normal pace.

Although when you get to places like floor 3, you begin to see items with more value, so with the right mindset, you can make a ton of cash.

You see, every market is all about economics. Sbo has a huge market, because of its great number of items. The best way to make profit in this game except from duping, is obviously to sell stuff at a higher price than what you bought it for.\

For example, take a sandduster. Buy it for lets say, buy it for the AUSP(Average User Selling Price) of 21 million col. To make profit, you wouldn’t go to floor 7 and sell it. Bad idea, it would be a buncha high levels with councils, and they wouldn’t take anything less than 5 million if they just wanted it for keeps.

Another important point: When to sell and when to not to.

Something important: When  new stuff come out, supply increase for other stuff.


Increase in supply

S stands for Supply, so from S1 to S2 means the increase or decrease in supply according to the translation.

As you can see, in this equilibrium graph, the supply goes up, which makes P2 be lower than P1(P stands for price) And you could get stuff for a cheaper value. Important in making profit.

Another tip:

The supply for an item will be very low when it comes out newly, OR many times, the Sbo dev make updates even after they bring out a big floor update. Like nerfing items, buffing items, putting more craftable items for a specific ore, etc. If an item is about to be buffed, this is what will happen:

Demand increase

Increase in demand

The Demand(D1) Rises. This would make price increase. For example, lets say sands were getting buffed to 24 damage. If you had a couple, and you would like to gain some money in order to buy something higher, like for example a shade, slate, etc, NOW would be the best time to sell it. Almost everyone in the lvl 26 area would want a sand so bad! You could sell it for 40 million, around 20 million above the AUSP! There are so many kinds of profit you could make using this kind of tactic. You always want E to be higher.

For example, I got like a 100 million col profit after buying an excal when they weren’t as popular, and selling it later on when they got REALLY popular for much more.

Now, another thing. It such a bad idea to sell items you would wanna profit from to dupers. They easily mess the price up.

It’s also a good idea to sell your items before an update, because when it comes, this will happen:

Demand decrease

Demand decrease

Here, the Demand decreases, making the price go down too. You would definitely lose profit. The new equilibrium is lower, so lower price, lower quantity.

Dupers don’t care, they have a billion and more, they don’t NEED the items. The best time to sell profitable items is like, a month after the game is updated, dupers have maxed out and some of them got bored and don’t play as much anymore.

This is where you kick in!! You could sell it to people who NEED it, and they would pay a higher price.

When ever, for some reason a weapon is badly wanted, sell it. Even though you need it. As long as it's not your major one handed sword. This way, after you could buy it back and gain profit!  If you trade limiteds, you would know what I’m talking about.

Always switch servers when you wanna sell in a server but other mofos are selling the same item for waaay lower prices. Except if its ore, because if it’s an ore someone really wants:

Increase quantity

Quantity increase

You could easily increase the price of petal from 2m to 3m.

Last but not least, collectible and custom/”cool” items. Items like these are mallets,sunray busters, busters, cactus. People like to hold on the necros. They were really cool. Always know, that if you have any of these items, you have a right to ramp up the price! You wanna keep these “cool” items, but if you wanna make some profit, sell it for more! And there is always, always someone out there who would sell it for less, and you would make profit. You just gotta look.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps. Any specific questions, pm me at maifegaruto on Roblox. :D