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This shop is for intermediate players who have passed level 10. Also known as the Intermediate Shop, players level 10-15 are to buy weapons, shields, and armor from here. There are a total of 6 items that can be bought in this shop from a range of 3,000 to 9,000 Col. The items are ordered in this shop by shields and weapons on the first level and armor on the second level.

Item Cost Damage Regen Speed Defense Level
Guardian Blade 7,500 Col 21 N/A -2 N/A 10
Trinity 4,000 Col 10 1 3 N/A 13
Knight's Shield 3,500 Col N/A N/A -2 134 10
Windleaf 4,500 Col 16 N/A 3 N/A 10
Vanguard's Armor 6,900 Col N/A N/A 2 25 13
Samurai's Platemail 8,900 N/A N/A 1 55 12

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