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The highest shop on the first floor known as the Master's Shop hosts a selection of weapons and armor for players who have reached a level over 20. This is a two-story shop with armor and shields on top and weapons on bottom. The armor in the shop is commonly used by high level players. This shop sells six items to players who can afford and have the skill to wear them. 3 Weapons, 1 Shield, and 2 Armor.

Item Cost Damage Regen Speed Defense Level
Dark Side of The Moon 30,000 Col 30 N/A N/A N/A 20
Sunstained Greatsword 45,001 Col 28 N/A -3 N/A 20
Sven 27,500 Col 14 N/A 3 N/A 20
Lavendar Guard 45,000 Col N/A N/A -2 157 20
Rogue's Plate 45,000 Col N/A N/A 3 55 18
Hefty Coat 45,000 Col N/A N/A -3 80 20

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