Floor 1 Super Guide(Vagrant's Keep)

If you started playing SwordBurst Online by Rukiryo you will first start off in floor 1. You instantly get floor 2. In floor 1, a secret place that most players have found in this floor is the secret house in the far wall. It is a matter of fact that it is one of the only two houses that are empty. The one house that is barely noticed is were people do there trades in private or players were exploring the area and found this house. This secret house is to the left to a tunnel by the smiting anvil facing the wall. One good thing about this floor is you can buy items to equip later on while you level up.If you check your inventory (press “E” then click the 6 tile button) you will start of with a iron sword and a set of starter clothes, which may vary in color. To buy an item, you must click on that item and then click on the screen where it says the price. To find out how much col (in-game currency) you have, look at the top left on your screen under your blue health bar. Here it should indicate how much col you have. To teleport press “E” and click on the button that looks like a navigation point on it, and then select the floor you wish to teleport to. You must be standing on the podium that you spawned in on to teleport. You can explore what the other buttons are when you press “E”. Sooner or later you will find out it is easy in floor 1. But be aware, in floor 2 things get a lot harder.

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