Hello fellow help seekers, Floor five might be a very hard floor but that doesn't mean you can't SOLO it.. here is my way to SOLO Floor 5.

Step 1. To solo this floor the best gear for soloing it is Ancient Rapier or Council + Last Wish in right hand, anything better will do...

Step 2. To solo it you're going to want to trap the Centuarian Defenders that guard the boss and put them somewhat in the corners.. also don't try killing the Centuarian Defenders because they will just re-spawn.

Step 3. Try to get the boss's behind facing you and attack the tail while jumping to get most hits off and to dodge some hits.

Step 4. If any Centuarian Defenders get loose and find their way to you just trap them again

TIPS AND TRICKS. Anyone can use this technique though it is very recommended to be a higher level.

TIPS AND TRICKS. Never replace any regeneration items with damage items it is a very bad idea...

TIPS AND TRICKS. Always remember to use ANY regeneration items in the right hand as they will not work in the left..

That is all for this SOLO guide thank you for reading..

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