Floor 7 is a floor with some of the strongest enemies.. So, Here is a guide on How to Beat Floor 7.

Step One. If you want to challenge this floor you're going to have to know your way around so go to the teleport pad NEXT to the Cruel Lion's teleport pad..

Step 2. Remember to use your fastest items to avoid Lizard(s) anyone under level 39 will not be able to solo one Lizard.

Step 3. Once you get to the boss room I recommend using gear like Necromancer Plate and Slate or better and also be level 30 AT LEAST.

Step 4. Remember to trap the Turtagator on the side of the room so they don't interrupt you.

Step 5. Trap the boss on the invisible step and start killing it.

TIPS AND TRICKS. To out-speed a Lizard the least speed you can have is 10/Dual Ancient Rapier and Travelling Salesman

TIPS AND TRICKS. This is a guide for partying follow everything on this guide except have 2-4 OTHER people with you SOLO guides will come soon

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