Recommended level is at least 20.


Before I say anything, please note that it is a much better Idea to farm in Icelandis. If you are coming to Taurarus while you are level 20 you should come with a group of friends or whoever else. The mobs in Taurarus can be tough and very troublesome. Recommended equipment for farming the mobs outside of the boss area are Sandduster.

Notable Drops

If you are looking for drops like Inferno, then you would be looking for the Fire Scorpion. The Fire Scorpion has around 5500 HP and drops the , Necromancer Cloak, Necromancer Plate, and Dusty Ore. Not the ideal mob for exp but the drops from this mob are highly demanded and could sell for a hefty price.

The Sun Shield and Sunray Buster are dropped by the boss of the floor. It isn't recommended to farm it for items. You should just trade or buy it off someone else due to the amount of time and effort it takes to kill the boss including its low drop rate.

Tanned Hide is pretty common but is sought for by many and some people even buy it for 100k a piece!

Floor Boss guide

The boss is Sa'jeff The Centurian Cheiftain. It has lots of health, but the amount of health has yet to be confirmed due to the difficulty and trouble it has. This boss is constantly surrounded by mobs making it almost impossible to reach without being intercepted.

Here are some ways you can beat the boss.

Boss room map -

  1. Speed - Preferred weapon for this tactic is the Inferno and Breeze. Fury also works but will take longer. Using this tactic you can solo the boss but it will take some time. Dual wield your daggers then circle the area where the boss and mobs are. When you find an opening use your speed as an advantage to get to the boss, once your HP drops below half you should retreat and continue to circle the area until your HP regenerates. If a mob gets up the ledge and is damaging you lead it back into the pit and then jump back out. This method can take a long time but it should work if you know how to do it.
  2. Mob Carry - *BOSS MUST BE ALREADY DEAD FOR THIS METHOD Someone already killed the boss? Don't worry using this tactic you can fight the boss without the interference of all the other mobs. Aggro all the mobs and make them follow you to the teleporter in the boss room. Wait in the teleporter area until the boss respawns. When the boss respawns, it should spawn on the heads of the mobs that were following you. When that happens lead the mobs to the boss room door without aggravating the boss (Mobs have larger detection range than the boss). Lead the mobs to the door of the room with the boss riding the mobs heads and once they reach the ledge aggro the boss. The boss will jump off their heads and outside the ledge. Leaving the other mobs still trapped within the ledge and the boss outside where you can freely fight him.
  3. Teamwork - *This method requires at least 2 people Get one person to lead the mobs to one side of the room without killing any of them (They will respawn and ruin the plan). Whilst doing this lure the boss in the opposite direction to the opposite side of the room. The player surrounded by mobs will reset and come back to the room (Important = If he tries to run back to you he will bring all the mobs back with them thus ruining the plan). After the mobs are on the other side they will not be aggravated unless you go near them. This way you can fight the boss without interruptions, it can be tricky.


Created by RedFoxity (Foxity)

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