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Player getting teamed up against by four other players.

Hunting in packs & avoiding packs/lagswitchers


When you are being chased by teamers you should probably run if you are not strong enough.

If one of the teamers is a lag switcher (people who turn their internet off and on before they crash so that they can kill you with "lag") then your best bet is to run to a safe area, then pull out a shield if your HP is high. the shield's bounus defense will help withstand that lag switch. Of course it's most likely that lag switcher will be unprotected considering the whole "teaming" element.

People have a big issue with this on the hill with the Alpha Icewhal. People are constantly teaming to knock out the weaker ones. Level hiders are always common in these areas. Sometimes you might be a high level trying to defeat a "lower" level who is beating other players and then he pulls out aquaburst and divine inferno; in this case, teaming is your best bet, as they will usually have an item such as Breeze to chase you down.

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