Ok, so I’ve been playing on a V.I.P server for the last week (one of my friends got it and let me play on it). No one ever plays on her server except for me, and I can see that all problems with SBO comes from lag, due to a large amount of players in a server. In the VIP server boss spawns on time, drop never breaks, teleporting is perfect and there is barely any lag. If you're leveling up you don’t need to worry about PK'ers or hackers. You can just play the game and see it for how it was meant to be seen. It is amazing due to no lag (no players=no lag): the drop chance goes up to a very high point (I think that items were not supposed to be THAT rare) because mobs will not get messed up with no lag and that won't mess the drop system. I am able to get frost on the second kill every time I kill the Alpha Icewhal, and I can get infernos in less than 5 kills. It is really worth the robux if you got them. It’s like I’m playing on a single player game and it is fun! 

Also, when Rukiryo tests his new floors on private servers, he experiences everything stated above: no glitches or bugs, no lag, rare items are dropped at a 20% chance. Because of that, he cannot see the bugs and glitches that occur when there are a lot of players (players=lag=server error=drop break, low drop chance etc.). So when you see a bug, send it to Rukiryo's Twitter, and don't whine in the comments (Rukiryo never checks the comments). 

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