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  • [Beta V0.4.1] Weapons are located here.


Levels 1+

Thus provided is a list of weapons that Beginners (Level 1-5) can wield. These low level weapons make your start somewhat difficult. Giving you a high probability that you will die multiple times, unless you can escape from an enemy's range of sight.

Lvl Weapon Obtainable With : ATK DEF SPD Health Regen
1 Iron Longsword 100 Col 5 X X X
1 Iron Greatsword 175 Col 7 X -3 X
1 Iron Spear 175 Col 7 X X X
1 Iron Shield 100 Col X 15 X 2
1 Steel Sword Ivory Ore 6 X X X
1 Steel Spear

Ivory Ore

8 X X X
1 Steel Shield Ivory Ore X 25 X 5
1 Smith's Mallet Gamepass 1 X X X
1 Buster Sword Unknown 7 X -3 X

Levels 5+

Thus provided  is a list of weapons that the Novices (Level 5-10) may wield. These weapons contain a heavier damage base than the Beginner Weapons. Easy enemies shouldn't be a problem with these

Lvl Weapon Obtainable With : ATK DEF SPD Health Regen
5 Blade of Grass Wind Ore 8 X 2 X
5 Knight Blade Wind Ore 9 X X X
5 Elkshank Wind Ore 5 X 3 X
5 Morning Sun Wind Ore 10 X X X
5 Dewguard Wind Ore X 30 X 15
5 Balanced Steel Wind Ore or 600 Col 8 X X X
8 Skyduster Boss Loot 13 X 2 X

Levels 10+

These weapons are by for the most uncommon and strongest weapons in the game. These belligerent and heavy-damage weapons slice through easy enemies like butter.

Lvl Weapon Obtainable With : ATK DEF SPD Health Regen
10 Shadowspike Orkan Ore 18 X 1 X
10 Stinger Orkan Ore 7 X 4 X
10 Crimson Blade Orkan Ore 11 X X 5
10 Guardian Blade Orkan Ore or 7500 Col 21 X -2 X
10 Vanquisher Orkan Ore 19 40 -2 X
10 Frenzy

Orkan Ore

5 X 5 X
10 Trinity Orkan Ore or 4000 Col 10 X 3 1
10 Windleaf 4500 Col 16 X 3 X
10 Knight's Shield 3500 Col X 45 -2 X

Levels 15+

The rarest and best weapons in the game.

Lvl Weapon Obtainable With : ATK DEF SPD Health Regen
15 Justifier Boss Loot 24 50 -3 X
  • Weapons that are "Col" can be purchased in shops on floor 1.
  • Weapons have the potential to rise in AUSP due to the exploitation of Col

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